We are not designed to live in isolation, but in relationship with one another.  Relating within a close community of fellow believers allows us to identify with, trust, support, and care for each other.  Through these connections we can spur each other on in our relationship with Christ.

Marriage & Family:

In the area of marriage and family it is our goal to consistently provide opportunities that will challenge and encourage our people.  We do this by providing annual classes, retreats, and small groups that focus on renewing our marriage relationships through education and training.  In addition we offer the following helps that are preventative, maintenance oriented, and emergency related.

Premarital Counseling –  For couples who are dating and considering marriage to those that are already engaged but desiring to be as well prepared as possible!  We provide Biblical counsel and structured resources to guide the couple through an extensive period of preparation for marriage.  We utilize the PrePare Enrich assessment tool as well as the Preparing for Marriage curriculum built on a foundation of Biblical truth to guide couples through their pre-marriage preparation.

If you are engaged and desire counseling or dating and would like to make sure that marriage is in your future please contact the church office to set up an appointment.

Marriage Counseling – Our desire is to be a church that continually supports the growth and restoration of Christian marriages.  In addition to the encouragement that we provide at MBCC we also network with the Christian counselor community in the area and regularly refer to trusted partners.

Prayer Ministry:

We Will Pray For YouClick here to submit a prayer request or call the church office for the ongoing prayer covering of both the pastoral staff and Elders.  You may also write a request on one of the prayer cards in the pew on Sunday and drop in the offering plate.


Care happens at MBCC in a variety of ways.  Our Community Groups and Growth Groups provide the first line of support through prayer, meals and outreach to those in these groups who are in need.  Our desire is to care for all who call MBCC home, so be sure to reach out if you need this type of support.

Hospital Visitation:

One of the most tangible ways to provide care for the people of MBCC is to be there during times of need.  If you are aware of an upcoming surgery for yourself or someone who attends MBCC please let us know.  If you  are interested in visiting area hospitals on behalf of the care ministry of MBCC please let us know.

Financial Education and Training:

One of the values we hold as a church is to provide consistent help and training in the area of finances.  To assist with this process we regularly offer financial/stewardship seminars utilizing Financial Peace University or Crown Financial Ministries  Check back here for dates of future classes.

Conflict Resolution:

Whenever two or three are gathered… a conflict can break out!  One of the periodic needs in the body of Christ is to assist in the resolution of conflict.  We provide “third party” assistance to help people move toward biblical restoration.  We have several trained conciliators who have been certified through Peace Maker Ministries to guide the restoration process.

If you find yourself in need of support in any of the above areas, please contact the main church office at 205-802-7070 or email Jacquie at