What do we mean by discipleship?

Literally, a disciple is a “student”.  Jesus had them, as did other teachers and philosophers of the day.  These followers learned from their leaders, with the aim of imitation.  Simply put, discipleship means following more closely after Jesus so I can love Him more fully, reflect Him to those around me, and bring them along with me.

Take One More Step

Our challenge to ourselves is to do whatever God is leading to move forward. This is a journey, and you’re encouraged to “take one more next step.”  We think  being a disciple of Jesus requires three things:

  1. Intentionality – this won’t happen by accident. You can “follow along” without much thought, but to be His student means you’ll have to set your heart and mind to it.
  2. Hard Work – this won’t happen by coasting.  Don’t be afraid of the “work” word.  We’re clearly saved by grace, and grace alone.  But to be His disciple, His student, means discipline is needed on your part.  You can “follow along” without much effort, but to be His student means you’ll need to work at it.
  3. Patience – this won’t happen overnight.  We’re changed into Jesus’ students both in a moment…and over a lifetime.  You can “follow along” and come and go, but to be His student means change is needed that often takes a long time.

How does discipleship happen at MBCC?

First, through people. We strongly encourage you to get involved in a Community Group and a Growth Group.  These provide great opportunities for you to walk alongside other people.

Second, through learning. In addition to the messages in our worship services, we also strongly encourage you to be involved in a setting where you are taught (Community Groups, Men’s or Women’s Ministry studies, student studies, etc.).

Third, through serving. Volunteer, help out, teach, sweat, or go.  Actively look for ways you can help out in our ministries, either at our location or as we go out in the community and our world.