Growth Groups

“Growth articulates what God is doing in our small groups–
growth of individuals and growth of His Kingdom.”

What are Growth Groups?
Growth Groups at MBCC are small groups of approximately 5-10 individuals who meet regularly to engage the Word, pray for one another, and establish Godly friendships.  Many of our past and existing “small groups” could easily be described as “Growth Groups,” even if that was not their original title.  Growth is the “umbrella” term that articulates what God is doing throughout our small groups–growth of individuals and growth of His Kingdom.

We have three types of growth groups at MBCC: men’s groups, womens’ groups, and mixed groups.  Growth groups kick off each fall, and we hope you will join one!  Please scroll to the bottom to sign up for a group.

When and Where do Growth Groups meet?
Growth Groups meet in homes or at the church throughout the week.  They meet regularly (2-4 times per month).  Group members are asked to commit for at least one semester, but ideally for one year.  Many of the groups break for Christmas and for the summer.

What defines a fruitful Growth Group?
Though the packaging may change, the ingredients remain the same for all types of Growth Groups.  The essential components are:  meet regularly, engage the Word, pray for one another.

Men’s Growth Groups:

If you are interested in starting a new men’s growth group or joining a men’s group, please email Marcus Busenitz at

Women’s Growth Groups:

Please visit our Women’s Ministry page to learn more about Women’s Bible Studies.

Mixed Growth Groups:

Please email Marcus if you are interested in joining a Mixed Growth Group.