What is KidCheck?

MBCC is proud to launch our new security check-in system: KidCheck!  This system is state of the art, streamlined, and user friendly.  It allows for superior check-in speed & security.  Parents, volunteers, and staff will find the ease of use & advanced features helpful & reassuring.

On December 7th, we will implement Phase 1 and roll-out the KidCheck system in the Nursery (birth-3 years).  In order to make the transition to this new program, we need parents to register on KidCheck’s website so that our system recognizes your kids.  Everyone who has registered will be able to check-in within seconds on Dec. 7th using their 10-digit cell phone number.

We will implement Phase 2, our Kids’ Ministry (pre-K-6th grade), when we move into the new building.  However, we encourage parents to go ahead and register for your account now.  The registration process is the same for parents with children in both Nursery and Kids’ Ministry.

How to Register for KidCheck

  1. Go to
  2. Click login (top right)
  3. Click “I am a parent and want to create a free account.”  Then click “I have never used KidCheck before.” (bottom right)
  4. Enter pertinent info and click register.  Be sure to list Mountain Broom Community Church as your home organization.
  5. Add kids and approved guardians to your account, save, and you’re done!

Registration Tips

  • Only ONE parent’s name should be designated to an account.  This person will be listed as the primary guardian.  The primary guardian will list the kids and can add a spouse or other approved guardians.
  • We advise the spouse or other guardians to expand their account after being added.  Then, we will be able to send texts to them as well.  Spouses & non-primary guardians will not need to list the names of kids on their profiles.
  • Allow text messaging for emergency contact purposes and and ministry-wide announcements.

Click here to download our KidCheck brochure.