Global Partners

Asian Access (East Asia)
Developing national leaders in Asian countries, such as Mongolia, Cambodia and China to reach their own people through small house churches.  They provide a two-year cycle of training to educate pastors in effort to raise up Christian leaders and multiply churches.

James and Heidi Drake (Miami, FL)
Serving as the Metro Director for CRU (Campus Crusade) in Miami.
Children: Isaiah, Lily, Luke, Judah

Jay and Judy Francis (Kiev, Ukraine)
Equipping future pastors and missionaries by teaching in the Bible College network in Ukraine.  The students they train are able to minister in Muslim countries that are closed to American missionaries.

Nathan and Lorraine Graves (Tirana, Albania)
Practicing the continued efforts of discipleship and evangelism.  They are also involved in planting churches, equipping schools, disaster relief, and developing future missionaries.
Children: Josiah, Justin

Hands of Luke Ministries – Carmen Samaniego (Juarez, Mexico)
Meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the people of Mexico by running a fully-equipped medical clinic, 3 nutritional centers, and an orphanage.  They also minister in a prison and juvenile detention center and host a bible training school.

Dale and Carole Hoskins (Abuja, Nigeria)
Translating the Scripture into multiple Nigerian tribal languages.  Dale also leads training sessions to help nationals continue the effort.
Children: Carl, Joel, Eric

India National Inland Mission (New Delhi, India)
Directed by the Pillai family, the Mission hosts the Grace Center orphanage and Grace Bible College, which equips students to plant and pastor churches.  The Mission also included an elementary school and New Delhi Bible Church.  Ajay and his wife, Heather, serve as our primary contacts.
Children: Joel, Joshua

John and Minori Lucas (Pucallpa, Peru)
Training and discipling the Shipibo people in Scripture and ministry through the Indian Bible Training Center.  They also serve with two local churches, a missionary school, and various outreach ministries in their city.
Children: Amy, Kenji

Dwight and Mark Kay Martin (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
Providing biblical resources to pastors in rural or dangerous areas through the use of computer technology.  This gives the pastors a safe and accessible chance for further education.

Steve & Amy McAdams  (Swaziland)
Serving in Swaziland in Africa. They oversee 33 care points around the country where over 6,000 children are fed daily. They are also working to raise up a new generation of Swazi leaders who can begin discipling the younger children at the care points.

Neverthirst (multiple locations)
Providing clean and living water to the poor through the local church.

Paulus Movement (Budapest, Hungary)
A Hungarian evangelism and church planting movement called the Paulus Movement.  They are also leading their local church, serving their community, and training others for future church plants.

Steven and Kay Taylor (Tokyo, Japan)
Serving with a local church plant that also hosts a diner and coffee shop called SonRise Cafe.  Their goal is to provide hope and light to the largest unreached people group on the planet where high suicide, crime, and divorce rates define the culture.
Children: Micah, Asa, Sophia

(un)adpoted (multiple locations)
Exists to equip the body of Christ to manifest the Gospel to vulnerable children.

Vapor International (multiple locations)
Exists to glorify Christ by advancing the Gospel and serving the poor.  They aim to establish sustainable centers for alleviating poverty and multiplying disciples in third-world countries.

Missionary Family (South East Asia)
Working with various castes of the people in this closed country. They do evangelism and discipleship through outreach events for children and adults

Missionary Family (Central Asia)
Working through varies ministries to build relationships and disciple the people of central Asia.

We also partner with other ministries for special projects including:
Compassion International
Haiti Nutrition Project
HOPE International
Operation Christmas Child